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  • How much do you charge?
    I charge just $15 a tape and convert them to an mp4 file. Discount given to those who have 8 or more tapes. With tapes of 8 or more, the cost is $12 per tape. If you are unable to provide a flash drive, the additional cost for one flash drive is just $15.
  • What types of media do you convert?
    VHS tapes, 8 mm tapes, mini-DV, VHS-C, audio cassette tapes, 3.5 floppy disks. Our list keeps growing
  • How do you provide them back to us?  DVD or MP4?
    MP4, and on a flash drive that you provide. We do not provide DVD's
  • Why an MP4 file on a flash drive and not DVD?
    For the simple portability and compatibility of the MP4 file – Play it on your computer. Place it on Dropbox or Youtube and play it on your iPad, iPhone, etc. Plus, if I’m honest, MP4 files are here to stay. If we convert it to DVD, you may very well end up having the same issue in about 5+ years with compatibility.
  • Do you have a studio location for drop-off/pick-up?
    Unfortunately, no. We have 8-5 jobs so we would need to meet you in a public location on the west side of town (west if 179).
  • Would you meet us on the east side of Jefferson City?
    Because we charge so little for a tape conversion job, we’d prefer to stay on the west side of town. (West of 179). We’d be happy to meet you at the Lowe’s sheds, HyVee, Chick-Fil-A, even McDonald’s.
  • I'm ready!  What do I need to do to get this process started?
    Please fill out this form: Click here
  • Still have questions?
    Email us at or text at 573.821.5358
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