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1 year checkup

We saw Nicole Tweedy today (Dr. Dan’s nurse practitioner) and Mel (don’t know her title). Mel and Nicole were super thrilled with how Brett looked

· The tether is still in place and working

· He’s growing some more – we’re now at 5 foot 8 inches 😊

· Sanders scale – 4 (Reminder, 8 is full maturity)

Mom & dad are thrilled with the results at a year out. Brett? He’s not too thrilled that they say he’s on the down-hill slide of the growth and may only get another inch. So he might be 5’9”. He wants so bad to be taller than dad (was 5’11”). But Mel said a little funny “Don’t worry you’ll catch up to him because he’ll start shrinking”. Brett didn’t find that as humorous.

So who knows… we’ll wait and see. I cannot find the words... how good it is to go to a doctor's appointment and see the curve DEcreasing instead of INcreasing :)

Here's a look at the most recent x-ray. I want to quote Mel "I'm not going to lie, Dr. Dan is out for three weeks on vacation but this looks so good that I kind of want to snap a picture and text it to him" :)

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