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2 weeks down, 10 more to go

Shame on me for not posting earlier. It’s just been a little crazy.

We’re now 18 days out from surgery and Brett is doing amazing! (No surprise). He now only takes Tylenol for pain, as needed (which is usually just once a day). Two nights ago he even got out of the house and went to see his TJ Football team play their last game of the season. It was awesome to see him out with his friends.

Still no BLT and he’s very good and cautious at not doing that to mess anything up. His teacher comes by on Tuesdays and Thursdays to keep him up on his schoolwork and those particular days seem to make him pretty tired. He has to practice perfect posture on top of working his brain so…. Tuesdays and Thursdays he usually goes to bed early

Previously, he would only lay on his back, he can now sleep on his left side (the non-incision side). When it comes to pain, the only thing he really complains about is where his incisions are.

Our 6 week follow-up appointment is November 10th. We’re hoping at that time he says he is good to go back to school.

My only “mom concern” is the breathing – all sounds fine but he’s not pulling more than 1500 on the spirometer (picture below) and the doctors want him pulling 2,000. So we’ll get there…. I Just want to know that the lung is back to 100% as fall and COVID/flu season approach. Keep all the “germies” out of our house 😊

Thanks for the continued prayers, texts, calls, etc. He sure is loved

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