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Brett in his cute helmet

Updated: Mar 13, 2018

Please forgive me if you've already received this information but we've told so many people, it's hard to remember who we have and haven't told. As you all know, his surgery was Tuesday, December 30th and he was home with us the next day, Wednesday. By Saturday he was off all antibiotics and pain medicine. We're not really sure he ever needed to be on it as he never seemed to be in pain but we had him on it ever 4 hours (they suggested every 2) because we just wanted to make sure he WASN'T in pain. He'd been happy all along but once he got off the medicine, h's been his old self - INCREDIBLY happy.

We took him in on Monday to University Hospital for his helmet scan - this is the amazing part. He was scanned on Monday and when the helmet came in this past Wednesday, he already outgrew it. For a child that does not have Craniosynostosis, the width of their head is 90% of their length - that is considered normal. When he went in for measurements on his pre-surgery he was at 76%. Already, before even having the helmet, he is at 80% - THAT IS FANTASTIC!!

Attached you will find a picture of our handsome man in his new helmet.

Again, we cannot thank everyone enough for their love, support, and prayers. We are completely amazed, given what he has gone thru, how happy our Little Man is, and we're certain it is all due to prayer.

This will be the last "Big / Mass" e-mail or update on Brett as we feel his "bump in the road" has now been surpassed. Please feel free to let me know if you'd like to continue getting updates on him and I will keep you on the list.

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