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Dream Factory... making his dream come true

It’s not often I get to see my (almost) 15-year-old son genuinely smile. But I sure did today. Dream Factory is an organization we heard about in March of this year. A friend of mine from work said “Hey have you heard of Dream Factory?” and was kind enough to give us the link to apply. The Dream Factory is the largest all-volunteer driven children’s wish-granting organization that does not limit its mission to children who have life-threatening illnesses. The organization believes children with chronic illnesses and disorders also suffer from substantial emotional and physical pain. I’d say Brett’s a good candidate. Though you rarely caught that boy complaining about the hot back brace he had to wear for 4.5 years, or the painful surgery…. He still deserves to have a “dream” come true.

So DF stepped in…We got connected Maureen and Mike from the Lake of the Ozarks chapter. Brett had “Meet some Royals Players” or “Meet KC Chiefs players”. With it being baseball season, the fact that he was named after two baseball players, and the fact that he can’t actually play football anymore, we went with the Royals dream. “I really want to meet Salvador Perez, Bobby Witt, Jr. and MJ Melendez”.

Well today was his “dream reveal” party. Mike and Maureen came up with several other members from the Lake DF chapter. They treated us to lunch (our family of four, and the grandparents) at Brett’s choice – Sweet Smoke BBQ, JC.

They gave Brett a bag full of his faves and even treated Alli to a bag full of her favorites. Oh… and treated mom and dad to a bag full of goodies for the car ride. And check out his official KC Ryals jersey with his last name on it AND what number? No other # but the number FIVE 😊

And if that wasn’t enough, we head to KC on Saturday, 9/12 for a special fun weekend in a hotel in the area, and attend a KC game on 9/14 where he’ll be in the dugout with the Royals as they warm up. WOOHOO!!! He about flipped! He’s going to also be interviewed by the sportscaster from KNBC. What?!?!? One of my girlfriends said “is he aware though, that he’ll have to talk?” (he’s a bit shy unless you talk sports to him). So feel free to tune into KNBC for a special interview with Brett Arnold and the Royals.

This is an absolute dream come true. A dream, one could say, created from before he was even born 😊

We look forward to posting after we return from our dream 😊 For more information how to donate to Dream Factory, visit

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