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Eehhh... could have gone better, could have gone worse

Brett’s appointment with Dr. Bridwell (Orthopedic Surgeon at Washington University) was Thursday, January 10th, and I’m just now getting a chance to post the update.  Truth is, the delay is mostly because we’re not sure how we feel about it.  If I was honest, I’d tell you the visit wasn’t good.  But I’ve spent the past few days getting our head out of the dumps, getting our head on straight, and now pushing forward again, placing our full faith in God and His healing power for our boy.

What we wanted to hear “no change.  Looks great”

What we heard “he’s changed by 1 ½ - 2”.  Now, that is not “degrees” that he is changed, it is just the measurement on the scoliometer (whatever that thing is).

There are two ways to measure a child with scoliosis, x-ray (accurate) or scoliometer (not as accurate).  Today he was measured with a scoliometer and it came back with a change “between 1 ½-2”

So they said “we want to see him back in 4 months and we will do an x-ray at that time and have better information.  We do not want to see a change”

Closing here with Positives

- He is skinny – As Dr. B. said  “great physique for the brace to work”

- also, yes we saw a change… but it was very very little.

- We are in THE best hands in the Midwest.  I had a friend of mine who is a pharmaceutical rep.  She did not know who our doctor was at the time she made the statement “Amber if you want a second opinion, I know a ton of great doctors at Washington University”.  I reminded her that’s where we were and her exact words were “Oh shoot then he’s fine”

Things we can do to help STOP the curve

- Well be starting him on a pull-up bar to strengthen his upper torso muscles and hopefully help his body stop the spine from curving

- Continue to wear the brace 12 hours a day (though not always fun)

- Pray.  Pray.  And more Pray J


He is 4’ 7.5” – YAY!  He has grown a half an inch since his visit on 9/10/2018

Type of curve – Thoracic Lumbar Curve

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