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Half way there

Today marks the start of week 7!  YAY!  Why is that a big deal?  That means we are half way through our  12 weeks of no Bending/Lifting/Twisting.  Which is good, because I think the boy is going to go crazy.  He feels so much better, it’s unreal.  He hasn’t taken Tylenol or any other pain medicine of any kind in over a week.  His only complaint now is “Sometimes I get winded and it’s hard to breathe” and he does wear out pretty quickly.  Also car rides are not enjoyable.  He can only take about 15 minutes of it before the car riding is just too much for him.


We go back to see Dr. Dan and Nicole on Thursday, 11/10.  He’ll get an x-ray at 9 and see Nicole at 10.  I am so incredibly excited.  It will be neat to see what his x-ray looks like.  From the outside, this kid’s back looks amazing to me.  I can’t get over how straight everything looks.  His scars are also slowly fading.  He had a total of 9 cuts on his right side.  We keep telling him “Chicks dig scars”


And height?  Well, we won’t mention that he’s pretty much caught up equal to momma… which means he’s grown two inches inside of 6 weeks.  But we won’t talk about that though. 


If all goes well on Thursday, then hopefully he’ll be back to school on Monday, Nov 14, for a week, and then off for Thanksgiving break.  That should give him a really good slow transition time.  Thanks for all the prayers, love, hugs, cards, and texts.

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