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How strong can this kid be?

Update on Brett: he did his PFT this morning -pulmonary function test. It is a LOT of breathing into a tube. It was fascinating to watch him breath. I noticed he takes a lot of shallow breaths. The tech said that is very common in scoliosis kids because their insides are being so squashed. After completing a few breathing tests, she asked me if he has ever been diagnosed with asthma. I told her that he did breathing treatments as a baby but pretty much when he got into school age we only needed breathing treatments around the spring time due to allergies. So she gave him a breathing treatment of albuterol and did the same breathing test again. It was fascinating. His inner lung strength increased by 50% and his outer lung strength increased by 36%. So what does that mean? It means that he may very well be borderline asthmatic on top of having his lungs squashed. She couldn’t give us any final numbers such as how strong his lungs are at this moment because the pulmonologist has to review the results. But before they label him as an asthmatic kid they will very likely just fix his back with the surgery , then see how well his lungs can work no longer being squished by a curved spine.

Think of how far and strong this kid could go without all of these things in his way. Kind of exciting to have it all fixed. I am so excited to see Brett Arnold, the sports loving kid, with a lung that can operate at 100%--

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