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I call today “Pray hard for the 2”.

Today marked, probably our worst day since the scoliosis diagnosis just over 4 years ago. Brett has been in a brace now for 4 years, wearing it 12 hours a day. He’s grown, yet again, another inch and a half inside of 4 months. So he’s now up to 5’4” tall

Positive – we do not have to make any decision today. We’ve been told all along “45-50 degree curvature” then we have to do a surgery to correct this. We received word today, after his x-ray, that Brett is right now at a 43 degree curve. That’s why I call it “Pray hard for the 2”.

Dr. Bridwell today said “A year ago, I would have told you he had a 20% chance of surgery and after today’s x-ray, I’d say we have a 50% chance of surgery.”

We went over our two surgery options, which I will list in further detail on his blog for those interested in further detail (like family). But for now… the plan is to keep on, pushing on. He did move the pad that applies pressure to his ribs, therefore applying pressure to his spine. So we still have hope that moving the pad works, and he will see Brett again in June (4 months) for another x-ray. We pray for no additional curve.

2 options – again, just a reminder, no decision needs to be made today. We are still holding out hope for the 2

spinal fusion pedicle screw

· Done by Washington University and has been done so for many, many years

· Limits mobility

· It’s surgery


Vertebral Body Tethering (VBT)

· Done by Washington University. First case only completed in 2010

· Only very recently FDA Approved (2019)

· It’s surgery

· No limit to mobility after 6 months

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