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It is Christmas Eve for us

Today is Christmas Eve for the Arnold Family. Brett’s 12-week release appointment was supposed to be tomorrow, but with the impending snow storm, MU called today and said “If you can get him up here now for the X-ray, then Nicole and Dr. Dan can just review the x-rays from their home and they’ll call you first thing tomorrow morning. We really don’t expect any problems for Brett”

For the past month, I have been an excited nut job. I even had the craziness to email Dr. Dan and Nicole last month asking “hey on his release date, do you all do anything exciting like throw confetti?”

They so lovingly responded back “You are more than welcome to do so on your own time and property so that you may clean it up” 😊 I thought that was adorable.

While it may seem silly, I responded back to them saying “My son has been in a back brace 12 hours a day for the past 4.5 years. I hope you all understand what you have done for him. I hope you understand the magnitude of the gift you have given him, and his mom, dad and sister.”

So the x-ray is done. I darted him up to MU very quickly this afternoon. After the x-ray was done, Brett finally started to get excited of the impending news “Mom I just can’t imagine a life without a brace. A life of working out again, a life free of the restriction.”

“I know buddy. It’s like you’re finally understanding what your momma has been feeling for the past month.” I said to him.

“Mom I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep.”

I text my friend this conversation and her answer was so perfectly written “Tell him Santa Clause has work to do and is on his way so he has to go to sleep”

Santa.....… I just can’t wait for you


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