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OK one more update... just proud :)

Updated: Mar 13, 2018

I know I said that the last update was the "last update" but he's made such amazing headway on his recovery that I just had to be the proud momma and share.

His width to length ration (as mentioned below) is now up to 85% after just 2 weeks of helmet therapy. We've attached three pictures so everyone can see his progress.

We were so proud today as he went for his 4 month shots. The Dr. said his length and weight is in the 75th percentile but more importantly - head is in the 90's - YAY!! Our son now finally has a head that is more proportionate to his body. :) We couldn't be more proud until the Dr. tested his rolling skills (already mastering the belly to back roll), she tested his back to belly and WOOPY!! He rolled over.

Every day this kid gets tougher and tougher with his tummy time and lifting the head more and more with this 1.5 pound helmet. (By the way, he only weighs 16 lbs 10 oz)

We just thought everyone would like to know how well he's adjusted to the helmet. It's truly his new best buddy :)

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