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Out of body experience

“Mom it’s kind of like I had an out of body experience” and Alli is the one who said that… the one who, prior to, couldn’t care less about baseball. But now she’s a fan.

We started the day with a limo ride from the hotel (kid’s first limo ride)

Here are just a few highlights:

· Greeted by Johnathan, our personal guide thru the stadium

· View of the Diamond Club, where mom and dad were interviewed by KMBC (local Kansas City news)

· Visit the press room

· He sat in the dugout while the players did batting practice. His top three players each stopped by to see him and chat. It was like he was old friends with him. Bobby Witt, Jr; MJ Melendez, then Salvador (Salvy) Parez. Brett conducted his interview like a pro from the dugout. While doing his interview, he was interrupted by his buddy Bobby :). He ran up to Brett, asked him who his favorite player is and Brett’s sligh response was “some kid named Bobby Witt” Bobby loved that. He seemed to really connect with Brett and even came back later, giving him two USED signed batting gloves. We all nearly flipped. Brett’s response? “That was sick.” :)

We moved on to…

· Visit the press box, where they control many things like fountains, score board, and house the radio broadcasters.

· Viewed the game from some awesome seats.

o The game was amazing:

o Salvy hit a home run

o Bobby hit an inside the park home run

o Pitcher, Brady Singer threw a 7 inning no hitter

o He got to see a walk off at the bottom of the 9th.

We finished the day leaving the park within ten minutes from his personal limo ride.

All in all, not a bad day :). Who am I kidding? That is just tough to beat.

Special thanks to Dan and Lindsey, out of the Greater Kansas City Dream Factory. They were there for every moment capturing everything and were our paparazzi. Special thanks to Johnathan who has the coolest job ever, giving families a tour through the park.

For a “Few” Pictures of the big day, go here:

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