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Out of the dark clouds – 6 months post op.

Too long to read? He’s now 5 ft 7.5 inches (half an inch away from his mom). Saunders Scale still 3 A. Curve in “low 20’s”. All good things. As a reminder, his curve was in the low 50’s before VBT +++++++++ Nicole said “he still has a lot of growth left. Though the hand x-rays don’t show much spinal maturity, his growth plates in his groin area are finally starting to close.” This is all good.

Mel said “now when I show you this newest x-ray, you may not notice much of a change”. Maybe it’s just us but as his parents, we sure notice the spine straightening out. YAY!

Attached is another visual of the Saunders scale to show you where Brett is sitting at a 3A… he’s approaching the top of the hump. She thinks by his 1 year Spineaversary (September) he’ll be over the hump. Nicole said “be prepared to buy some longer pants” Oh and as if we didn’t already know this, they did confirm “he has an incredibly long torso”. We have his daddy to thank for that.

How do we feel? We're on cloud 9. It is so good to be on the other side of the dark clouds. We spent 4 1/2 years + under clouds, worrying about his spine and how to stop the curve. It's so amazing to know that we have mechanics on the inside helping us stop it too.

Brett said it best this past weekend on our 6 hour car ride trip to Louisville KY "Mom you know what rocks? Not having to wear a brace in these long car rides." He's such a fighter. I'm so dang lucky to be his mom

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