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Pre-Op Appointment

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Good news! No more brace! Nikki (Dr. Dan’s assistant) said that since we’re so close to surgery (the 27th), that he doesn’t have to wear it anymore - 11 days shouldn’t make a difference. It’s weird. He’s worn that brace for four and a half years and to take it off, almost seemed to good to be true. Can this be? As of now it just hasn’t sunk in

So how does he measure? Around a 48… YIKES…. And we forgot to take the brace off beforehand so really, he is actually likely over 50.

· The answered all of our questions – it’s a 6 hour surgery but probably still 9 hours in total from time we say goodbye to time we say hello

· How many incisions? – 5

· How many anchors on this tether and where will they be placed? 8 or 9 – Between T6-L1 (see image below)

· How many nights in the hospital? We are hoping for two.

One lung will actually be deflated during surgery. So not only is this surgery (which is serious) but it’s scary. So, we do ask for prayers. If you have any to give up on that day we would sure appreciate it.

And again, please subscribe to his blog because we will email out on this blog for updates.

We firmly believe our boy is in good hands - both the surgeon’s and most definitely, the Lord’s. I have to remember, He loves our boy even more than we do.

Thank you for the love and support,

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