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Surgery soon - just a quick update

I realized we hadn't sent out an update on Brett in a while so I thought I'd do that today.

Brett's doing great. We're still on target for his surgery date of December 30th. He's gone to several additional doctors to make sure that he is mentally and physically on track both before and after his surgery. His psychology appointment went fantastic. The Dr. said cognitively he is right on track where he should be. For his motor skills he is a bit behind. Tummy time he does fantastic on but when you lay him on his back, he tends to favor looking at the right side. The Dr. said this is because both his parents are right handed and since all synostose children have their heads shaped like an egg in the back, if you will, he has a tough time rolling his head from side to side. However, when he has his surgery, his head will be round like all other babies and they tend to catch up just fine.

He's seen an eye doctor as well and he's farsighted right now, but the Dr. said all babies his age are and that tends to go away with age. This is fantastic for us, since it doesn't appear so far that he has his mom's poor vision. :)

He started daycare November 24th and since then has been sleeping thru the night. He sleeps 7-8 hours for us. He's fantastic. I think the daycare gives him so much stimulation that he's worn out when he gets home. :) It was hard for mom and dad to drop him off but he's enjoying his daycare a great deal and we're very pleased with them. They all love the tar out of him.

We're anxious for the surgery and ready to move towards the next step. He gets fitted for his helmet a week after his surgery. Luckily we don't have to go far, just to Columbia at University Hospital where they have the company who will fit him for one. It's great. Much easier drive than St. Louis .

If we don't talk to you all before, have a very Merry Christmas. Thanks again for your prayers and support. We know he's on dozens of church prayer groups out there and we're so thankful.

We look forward to e-mailing you with joyous news that our little man made it thru surgery just fine.

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