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Surgery time information

We heard from the hospital today

For family: Location University Hospital; One Hospital Dr; Columbia MO

Both pre and post op - only two people allowed with him in his room

10:45 check-in

Between 11 & 11:30 - Dallas, Pastor stopping by to pray over B

Official surgery start time is 12:15

Official length of surgery - 6 hours

I will leave you with a funny..... we know B will come out taller from surgery, probably an inch or two. He is currently 5'6"

As he jumped in the truck after football practice, I say "B your dad and I are taking bets on how tall you will be after surgery. I think you will be an inch and a half taller. Your dad thinks one inch. How tall do you think you will be?"

"I want to be 6 foot 4"

That's our son folks... always reaching for the stars. He played his last football game before surgery tonight. Their first WIN. Look at that smile :)

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