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Today is the first day….

.... of the rest of his life. (Quote stollen from his Great Aunt Sherri)

And what a great day it has been already. He woke up this morning, had breakfast in bed, drank Gatorade.

They have also just moved him to sitting up in a chair. The nurses are amazed at his pain tolerance and strength, though the Arnold family is not surprised :)

We had a very slight scare last night on breathing, coming out of anesthesia so they did an X-ray. Absolutely amazing when you loook at his chest now.... yes you see the screws but what you'll also see is a curve of 16 degrees. Now, granted, he was laying down so gravity hasn't kicked in but we think, based on this, he is now at a 20.

So, just coming out of surgery, they have cut this boy's curve in half.

We just continue to count our blessings on this whole ordeal.

Just a reminder, they DEFLATED a lung during surgery..: absolutely amazing what God can do and the progress doctors have made with this procedure....

Very short, 5 minute video on VBT for those interested

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1 Comment

Ashley Klebe
Ashley Klebe
Sep 28, 2022

So grateful for the awesome update. Not that I expected any less. As I say all the time, God's got big plans for this boy! I love great aunt Sherri's quote and agree 100%! Hugs and prayers from the Klebes!

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