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Wash it first

Today, Brett left Brace #1 in the dust. We drove up to BJC and he was fitted for brace #2. He inspires me with his attitude. He came out of church yesterday morning, beating his stomach (this is where his brace is) and said “Mom this is the last full day I am wearing this thing.” With so much pride in his tone.

I just responded “I know B.” (secretly wishing he didn’t have to get another one) I asked “What do you want to do with this one B?”

“I want to put it on my wall!” I could squash that dream, knowing it’s hideous and pretty beat up, or I could embrace it and his positive attitude.

“B we’ll do whatever you want. You should be proud of obstacle conquered”.

#WashItFirst #ProbablySmells #Mr.Positivity

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Update on Brett from today: (Previous one below) He just visited with Dr. Bridwell, Orthopedic Surgeon at Washing University – We couldn’t possibly ask for better news. He saw no need to do an x-ray.

I give this visit a C....

I’m trying to keep my tone very neutral in this because keep in mind, Dr. Bridwell is an Orthopedic Surgeon.  So as you can imagine, his tone is neutral too…. To give you the facts. We started the vis