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Wash it first

Today, Brett left Brace #1 in the dust. We drove up to BJC and he was fitted for brace #2. He inspires me with his attitude. He came out of church yesterday morning, beating his stomach (this is where his brace is) and said “Mom this is the last full day I am wearing this thing.” With so much pride in his tone.

I just responded “I know B.” (secretly wishing he didn’t have to get another one) I asked “What do you want to do with this one B?”

“I want to put it on my wall!” I could squash that dream, knowing it’s hideous and pretty beat up, or I could embrace it and his positive attitude.

“B we’ll do whatever you want. You should be proud of obstacle conquered”.

#WashItFirst #ProbablySmells #Mr.Positivity

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