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We'll take some good news!

Update on Brett from today: (Previous one below)

He just visited with Dr. Bridwell, Orthopedic Surgeon at Washing University – We couldn’t possibly ask for better news. He saw no need to do an x-ray. They simply tested him using the scoliometer and he saw “little to no change” from 3 months ago. AND (best part) he’s grown ¾ inches since 3 months ago.

In short… he’s growing UP and the curve is NOT worsening…..we haven’t heard such news in a LONG time.

Even better, during his visit with Dr. B three months prior, he said “I bet you’ll need a new brace by January. Well he needs one NOW. He is literally growing up out of it :)

So we’re going to believe in several things here….. power of prayer, his brace, his doctors, and now added to our lives – Physical Therapy (PT).

Original Prayer From August 19, 2019

Jeff & Amber Arnold – Prayers for Brett and his spine (scoliosis). Our boy has grown an inch and a half in 6 months so we did our “bend down” at home scoliosis test (nothing medical or official) and it does appear to have worsened. We have moved up our appointment to Thursday, August 29th at Washington University (Dr. Bridwell). Please pray that God will continue to hold his spine straight as he grows. And when mom and dad are nervous, help us to remember God loves our boy more than we do.

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