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3 years already?

Mercy, where does time go? Next month marks 3 years of Brett and his scoliosis journey wearing a back brace. We are so thankful for Dr. Keith Bridwell, Washington University, and his 30+ years of knowledge in scoliosis, kyphosis, and other related spinal deformities. Most importantly, we are thankful to God, that we found Dr. B, and thankful to God for our strong boy… 12 hours a day of wearing a back brace for the past 3 years… He’s a total champ.

And today.. more good news. “No change” from Dr. B. The brace continues to help the spine maintain it’s curve (it will not get better, but we definitely don’t want it to get worse).

Continued thanks to all those who pray for him. I had a friend actually ask about him the other day. She said she prays for our boy literally, every Sunday at church 😊 KEEP it up! They’re working!

(for those that are curious - the four white holes you see below are the screws within the brace. Square-ish pad on the right is the pad that is pressing the rib area, to hold the spine straight)

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