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CT scan a success

Well..... We are pleased to let everyone know that our little man fell asleep during the CT scan and was perfectly still. They were able to get all the images they needed.

He will need to have surgery, however. While as parents, you're not too excited about that, we were happy to know that he can get the Endoscopic. If you have not watched the video, these will be two small incisions on his head and they will cut his scull via small, slender tubes. This chipping away at his scull will allow proper growth of his brain and maturity of his head.

He will have to wear a helmet 2 weeks after the surgery until his 1st birthday. This is another thing, that as parents, you really don't want to have to go thru but after sitting with the Doctor's today and getting all of our questions answered, this is just a "bump in the road" that our little guy has to go thru. After this is all said and done, we'll tell him for the rest of his life what an amazingly strong little guy he was.

As of right now we do not know when the surgery will be. They have said December/January but we will let you all know.

Thanks again for your prayers. This has been a much easier obstacle to go thru due to prayer and the Lord's help.

We love you all,

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