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Scoliosis it is... Brace we must do

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

So it didn't go the best but it could have gone worse. .. that's the way we have to look at life sometimes instead of throwing a pitty party.

Curvature has gotten worse. He is now at a 32 degree curve. He was at a 20 when first seen by Bridwell two years ago.

Attached is an image of his xrays over time, with curvature at the bottom, and also a picture of a brace.

He will be fitted for a brace in two weeks. Right now they have to make the brace there at the med. center. It will have to be worn with 12 of his waking 16 hours. It can fit under clothes. Most people will not be able to tell he has one on.

- Brief summary:

- Positive: He is skinny. It is easier to brace and correct instead of fatty tissue.

- Positive: We have caught this at a young age.

- Positive: What is worse, is the spine can also twist and is nearly impossible to correct and Brett's is NOT twisting.

- Negative: He still has about 4-5 years left of growing so it is a little frightening that it may not stop the curving

- Negative: Without bracing his back, we have a 95% chance he will need surgery, placing a rod in his back.

- Negative: Bracing decreases his chance of surgery to 40%. So there is still a chance we do this and it doesn't work. I had wished it had a better success rate.

- Though one of my sweet dear friends said "Amber this brace decreases his chances by 55% so that's more than half"

He can do this!

We would always appreciate any prayers for Brett over the next few years. We pray for strength and straightening of his spine. Lord help him grow up tall and strong.

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