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Still no news... more waiting

Updated: Mar 14, 2018

I just wanted to let everyone know that we still, unfortunately, do not know anything certain on our little man yet.

Yesterday we met with Dr. Limbrick. After he reviewed the x-rays taken last Friday, he came in and looked at Brett. He examined his head and stated that a CT scan was needed on his scull. He did say that if 0 sutures are closed up, he will not need surgery at this time but he'd like to see him back in 3 months. However if sutures have closed, he will require surgery. He did say that just after feeling his head, it would appear that surgery is likely. He did feel fairly certain a suture has closed.

If surgery is necessary, there are two routes to take. There is the older way - the Open surgery, and a newer way, Endoscopic. This Endoscopic appears to be the way to go as it is much less evasive. Dr. Limbrick believes he may be the perfect candidate due to his size and age for the Endoscopic.

On a positive note, since he has been such a wonderful and happy baby, there seems to be no pain for our little guy and no pressure on his brain. He also said that it was wonderful that we've caught it so soon.

Attached is a link to a youtube video that is just wonderful. It has a baby boy, Jack, who has the exact same type of Craniosynostis as Brett. The video was shot at St. Louis Children's hospital and shows the two Dr's who would perform Brett's surgery, should he do this Endoscopic procedure.

We received a call today from the Dr. to let us know that unfortunately his CT scan did not take. He was squirming too much on the table so the images did not appear. Much to our disappointment, we are going back to the hospital October 27th. Then we will have another scan done on his scull and will meet with Dr. Smyth (seen in the video) to discuss how his scan went (whether it took or not) and what our next step is in regards to surgery.

We will keep everyone posted. We cannot thank you all enough for your loving words, thoughts, and prayers. Our little guy can hear them all, and so can we.

Thank you,

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