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Surgery date move - 9/27/2022

We had a scoliosis checkup this morning with Dr. Hoernschemeyer. Today’s goal was to check the brace (make sure it’s fitting him right and suppressing the curve) and also to x-ray his hand to figure out where he is on the growth chart to ensure a successful VBT. VBT relies very heavily on the remaining growth of the child, to work together with the tether to straighten out the spine.

Date has been moved to 9/27/2022 – the only item that would change this date is if something would happen to Brett’s health.

For those interested: Spine at rest (no brace) on the left – spine with new brace, from today, on the right. Dr. Hoernschemeyer was very pleased. It looks like it is compressing the curve by 15 degrees.

He is now 5’6” (his momma is 5’8”). We keep teasing him that he’ll be taller than his momma going into surgery, and probably taller than his daddy when he comes out Get this spine straightened out and there will be no stopping Brett Albert

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